Frequently Asked Questions
Q: How can l book?
A: You may book in a variety of ways... Either by our Instant On-line Booking Page with its Secure Server ( Which means your credit card details are 100% secure ) , by Phone... We offer a true 24 Hour Service... or by E-mail.
Your tax Invoice / Reciept can be e-mailed out immediately, or posted to your address along with our colour brochure and information kit.
Q:  Why is there no signage to the "Birches Luxury Spa Chalets" along the Hwy as you enter Mt Beauty?
A: There exisits no signage on the Highway on purpose... As this Exclusive Country Estate is soley for the Rest, Relaxation & Enjoyment of its guests.We do not wish guests to be possibly disturbed by the general public making enquires on site or exploring the grounds or Birch forest.
The "Birches Luxury Spa Chalets" welcomes inspection, but "strictly" by appointment only.
Q: Are your Personal details secure?
A: Absolutely! We have a "strict" confidentiality code in place. All your details are 100% secure... further, your presence shall never be disclosed & we do not store or hold your credit card details after your departure.
Q:  Do we need to come to the office to check-in?
A: Only if you wish too... Your Secluded, Luxury Spa Chalet can be accessed directly upon arrival.
A:  How many dwellings exist upon the Estate?
Q: This Exclusive Country Estate offers only two Luxury Spa Chalets nestled amongst the Beautiful Russian Moss White Birch trees and are designed soley for Couple's... The Luxurious Spa Villa, only ever spoils Individual Couple's... or party's of up to only 6 guests.  So your Privacy is assured!
Q:  What are the arrangements for Breakfast...?
A: Should you wish to enjoy a wonderful cooked / gourmet breakfast all you need do is...30 minutes before you wish to eat, please call the office and place your order ( As we have a chef & commercial kitchen "almost" anything is possible ).
Shortly thereafter... your breakfast selection, with your daily paper of choice & freshly ground coffee / juices shall arrive at your door.
For your pleasure... Breakfast is offered between the hours of 8am & 12 Noon for single nights stays, and from the hours of 8am.... on! for stays of two nights or longer.
Q: Do you offer customised Gift Vouchers?
A: The answer is Yes!  Your Gift Voucher can be customised to suit your wishes... and be immediately sent out either via E-mail, or by Over-night Express Postage. For the post out option, we offer a Sensational Full Gloss Colour Bi-fold card with selected imagery from the Estate and with space for that "Special Message".
Q: Why may we be asked to select our Silver Service Fine Dining Experience menu selections prior to arrival?
A: We ask guests who wish to partake of the Traditional Silver Service Fine Dining Experience in the Villa's Private Formal Dining Room to make their menu selections prior to arrival, as all our ingredients are sourced 100% fresh & local. Nothing is ever prepared from frozen, canned or packet goods.
Q: Do we cater for special dietry requirments?
A: Yes, our chef & kitchen is very flexible and can cater for your special needs.
Q:  Do we offer Single Night stays?
A: Please enquire... as a single night stay may be possible!
Q: Do we allow pets to accompany guests?
A: As this Exclusive Country Estate enjoys both tame fallow deer... and visiting wildlife living / visiting in the private forest of Russian Moss White Birch trees here along our ridge we do not allow pets.
Q: Should we wish to book one of the Exclusive Air-Link Services, should we mention this at the time of booking?
A: Yes, should you wish to book one of our Private Air-link Services we do ask that this be mentioned at the time of booking.  So as to allow for all appropriate arrangements to be made.  Please Note: As Mt Beauty is nestled in the mountains, weather conditions may mean that flights could be cancelled, or re-directed.
Q: How far are you from the ski lifts at Falls Creek Ski resort?
A: Not far at all... depending upon road conditions, 30 mins can see you in the carpark unloading your skis.
Q: Do you have a No Smoking policy?
A: Yes, we have a "No Smoking" policy for all areas inside the Spa Chalets & Villa.  However smoking is allowed outside upon your high sheltered balcony's.
Q: Do you offer a "true" 24 hour service?
A: Yes we do. Our phone is on 24 hours a day... 365 days a year.  Please do not hesitate to call should anytime should you wish to book, may have a question or require service.
Q: How far are you from Mt Beauty?
A: We are only a quick 10 minute drive to Mt Beauty, with its Supermarkets, Green Grocer, Butchers, Newsagents, Cafes, Restaurants and services. ( ...and Bright is just "over the Hill". )