Back in 1996 the first Russian Birch trees were planted along the ridge of this Country Estate...

Today, they provide a wonderful, relaxing environment in all seasons.  Each autumn, as we cultivate more, we add to the numbers already established.

Each season with its special pleasure...


Fresh new leaves form and the brilliant stark white of the Winter Season transforms into tones of lush, bright greens. Early in this season there are literally thousands of colourful bulbs that add splashes of colour throughout.


Warm to hot clear days with cool evenings... To enjoy a picnic, or just some "quiet time" in the refreshing dappled light of these beautiful trees is memorable. It is quite common in the warmer months to find the property's tame fallow deer quietly resting here during the mid-day sun.


As the season changes, the leaves begin to turn a brilliant butter gold. When the Autumn rains arrive so do the varieties of mushrooms appear... Some common to Australia, and others due to the relationship they have with the trees.


The stark beauty of these trees now shines... Their dense plantings still providing wonderful privacy for each spa chalet nestled amongst them. To see the trees in their winter "white" surrounded by heavy frost or snow is indeed beautiful!